Commercial fleet graphics are the ideal way of taking your brand to the streets – a literal rolling billboard if you may. For a small business or multi-level corporations, fleet graphics grab the attention of onlookers and offers immediate recognition with your company name, website and phone number. A simple snapshot of the vehicle taken from a cell phone and you’ve got yourself another potential customer.

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Are Fleet Graphics Right for Your Business?

Designed specifically for commercial use, fleet graphics help align your brand and create a look, feel, personality and sense of professionalism for your company.  A non-descript van or one with a clean, eye-catching, professionally designed wrap? What image would you prefer to put out there to consumers?

In addition to the marketing power of fleet graphics, the ROI is hard to pass up. With fleet vehicles being used for just a few years at a time, high trade-in values are imperative. Instead of having to re-paint the vehicle prior to trade-in, a pricey process, the vinyl products used are completely removable and leave no residue on the original vehicle’s finish. Vinyl wraps also protect the original paint from UV rays, chips an oxidation. Once the vehicle is ready to be replaced, remove the wrap to find the original finish in top notch condition – thus increasing the value at trade in.

From just a couple autos to hundreds of corporate vehicles, Shorty’s is Austin’s most trusted and certified provider of fleet wraps.

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