Architectural Graphics

Looking to take advantage of window and wall space? Wanting to update interior finishes without going through the rigmarole of a renovation? Here at Shorty’s Wraps, we can help transform your space through a variety of custom architectural finishes like 3M Di-Noc, window graphics, wall murals and floor graphics both inside and out.  

3M Di-Noc is an eco-friendly self-adhesive film which imitates the look and features of a variety of surfaces like wood, stone, metal and more. Di-Noc can be installed on flat and curved surfaces like doors, walls, floors and even furniture pieces. Architectural graphics are very beneficial if you are looking to freshen up a space with less downtime, less labor and less waste.

Wall, window and floor graphics also offer a great outlet for branding throughout your space. Exploring the options to brand within your physical environment will enhance your customer’s experience every time they walk through your doors. Whether that be exterior store front signage, a wall mural in your conference area or a unique graphic which showcases your brand identity, architectural graphics transform the mundane into an eye-catching piece of art.

Architectural Graphics Gallery